Rules and advice for Server 276

Server War is coming every other weekend 

Server Rules

Webmasters comment: These rules may at times get updated.  When leadership make changes they do not get updated here until an official set of rules has been published/announced.
The webmaster only publishes the rules and does not take part in making them.

Our goal is for this server to grow, so we’ve adopted a few rules to do so.

Non Aggression Pact (NAP) means no attacking keeps.

There are exceptions, people who explicitly grant permission to be attacked, purge (scout first), and dead players (scout and ensure no troops).


This includes the rude people who park too close and farm where it should be left for an alliance. The exception is from purge to after SVS war when we are preventing these points to go to enemy.


Not just big hives, all hives. Give them a wide berth when you are hunting or farming. With everyone overlapping, for now, use common sense and avoid taking bosses or farming by hive. It feels rude when it is done to you but it’s easy to lose track of where you are in relation to another’s hive. When notified, move. There are enough tiles and bosses elsewhere.


Keep away from other’s hives when hunting boss monsters. The exception is if you have specific permission from that alliance. If you spot a boss monster by a smaller hive, unless that monster was posted on wc for anyone to get, you cannot attack without permission.

Smaller hives rally together and can kill higher bosses. Don’t just assume, send a mail or a whisper.

SOLO HUNTING OUTSIDE OF HIVE must give a wide berth to other alliances, not stealing their bosses.

There are events and spaces on the map that would never be cleared if we stop all solo hunting. Just be mindful of other hives.


Resource tiles do not regenerate if not completely empty. If you do not have the troops to clear a tile, use lower level tiles or return to the same tile to complete it. Forget where the tile was located? It’s on your report.


Do not attack occupied sub cities. There are free unused sub cities whose label begins with NPC.


To reduce points for the enemy, our server performs the purge 3 hours prior to SVS war.

Activate your Truce Agreement (bubble) and return from gathering resources (except alliance rss tile).

Server members who are designated to perform the purge, will remove your troops from all resource tiles and relics.

If you are without a bubble, you will be scouted as a warning, and burned if no bubble is deployed.

Those are the main ones, NAP, No tile-hitting, respect hives, mindful boss monsters hunts, drain tiles, no subcity attacks, and purge.

But there are a couple of expanded rules that benefit alliance growth, like no solo hitting bosses from hive, donating to alliance science, and the like that should be decided by the alliance.

Consequences for violations of the rules will be determined by Server Leadership at a later time.

Webmasters comment:  There have been statements from leadership declaring the rules about the distance to other hives to be null and void and that the new rule is free-for-all first come first served for both tiles and bosses. We are awaiting an official updated set of rules.

As a personal opinion, some distance is still recommended as going too close will be interpreted as rude.

Webmasters comment:  The statements about unfinished tiles not regenerating are observably not correct as stated and should be taken as statements of opinion and not as statements of fact. This should be further investigated and we hope for clarifications in future rules.