Rules and advice for Server 276

Please to keep our gaming environment friendly, chat with courtesy and respect to everyone in World Chat.

There was a majority vote and alliances have agreed to these rules:

Agreed Upon Server Rules as of 1/28/2022 - seeking a common ground to unite the server.

No Sub City stealing at any time
No Tile or Relic hitting at any time
These are Acts of War

For KE – all keeps are open to attack: no tiles, relics, or sub cities.

Alliance cities can be hit to clear troops but not to destroy. It is an act of war.

PURGE begins 3 hours before SVS starts – All keeps open to attack including tiles and relics
Add PURGE to your name. Only those that actually purge must do this. No attacking those players.

NAP outside of KE and PURGE
- Restitution for breaking NAP includes rss and speeds, repeatedly breaking NAP is an act of war.

SVS-no attacking own server members during SVS

Alliance Relations:
1. No taking other alliances’ boxes.
2. No porting into or next to another alliances’ hive outside of KE – Its an act of intimidation and considered an alliance breaking peace.
3. No killing common/boss monsters in another alliance’s hive. Do not follow a rally march to a boss to solo attack first.
4. Any alliance holds throne long enough to get King Wings for the eligible member.
5. Relics belong to alliance who opens it. Occupying other alliance’s relics or attacking relics is an act of war.

If an attack takes place during NAP, keep your battle reports and take screenshots of healing requirements. R5’s need to be contacted to settle the dispute. Restitution should reflect the nature of offense. If that does not happen, then escalate to King. If all methods fail in resolving matter peacefully offenders can become KOS until restitution is paid in full.

Above are the latest rules for serever 276+241  as posted by the King

FUS has throne for next two players to receive wings. After that a rotation will be set based on eligible players that have opened wonder 1.